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Good Photography in Bad Weather

Bad WeatherBad weather doesn’t have to stop you from getting out there and making fantastic digital photographs. Foul weather gives you the chance to get the kind of photograph that you can’t just go out and take on any kind of day. These photographs can really show some crazy weather shots, like lightning storms, or just a dreary, rainy afternoon, and snow shots can come out great.

The harder it is for you to capture these kinds of photographs the more money someone would probably pay you for them. If you’re an adventurous kind of photographer these kinds of shots will be just ideal for you. With safety in toe, take a calculated risk in order to create the perfect digital experience.

If your taking digital photographs outside in the rain you will notice the way the rain tends to make everything around just shine. Wether your in the city or out in the country, looking across a field of grass or flowers, everything just seems to kind of sparkle. This can create a really great photograph. Infact the rain, along with a few good size clouds can create just the perfect natural light setting, removing any fade outs or shadows that might appear in your digital photograph otherwise. With a little bit of rain you will have the chance to create some really great landscaping photographs or even of the wildlife that surrounds you, if you’re in the right spot at the right time. Just make sure you have something to cover up your lens to keep the droplets away. You don’t mind the rain but when it gets on your lens that could be a problem.

Taking a photograph of lightning can be complicated as you have to capture the image at just the right time and that very unpredictable. You will need a tripod for taking these kinds of photographs and a rather long shutter speed. You can hold down your shutter manually if you’d like so that all you have to do is shut it on your own as the lighting passes through the sky. You’ll want this kind of photograph to be as bright as you can possibly get it, to get that full affect.

Snow photographs are a very appealing photograph to create. The light from the snow creates a nice contrast along with all of it’s surroundings. Capturing a photograph of the snow melting off the tree limbs or using the snow as a nice background for whatever your main object is that you are photographing. Some nice nature shots or friends and family playing in the snow, or you could even get a nice portrait type picture with snow all around.

You can do so many things with digital photography, even things that may seem a little bit extreme. Making sure you have all the right gear and the drive to get out there and take risks is all you need, no matter what mother nature has in mind for that occasion.

Photo credit: Brednon Lindey