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Canon EOS 1Ds MKIII vs Nikon D300 vs Nikon D3

Luminous-Landscape compares the Canon 1Ds MKIII VS Nikon D300 VS Nikon D3 and write: “Sad to say, D300 is not in the same low noise league as either the D3 or the 1Ds MKIII. Noise is more apparent, and though the exposure was 1/50th second vs the D3’s 1/60th second (essentially identical), the image was overall quite a bit darker, indicating that the ISO was likely not what the camera indicated it was; maybe ISO 1000 in reality, and the apparent dynamic range somewhat less as well. The D3 Nikon is now back in the IQ game. Canon has enjoyed a deserved reputation for high image quality, especially at high ISO. But now with the D3 Nikon has upped the ante, producing a camera that appears to offer lower noise than Canon (at least against the flagship 1Ds MKIII), and higher available speeds as well.”

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