Sony Alpha A200

The Sony Alpha A200 is an entry level digital SLR camera featuring a 10.2 megapixel (CCD) APS image sensor, 2.7 inch LCD Clear Photo LCDTM screen (230,000 pixels), and ISO range of 100 to 3200, built in super steady shot and a burst mode of 3 frames per second to the full capacity of the card that it is using when shooting in JPEG (and for a burst of 6 frames in RAW).

The Sony A200 has an auto focus speed 1.7x faster than the previous model; improved predictive control performance; quieter shutter sound; automatic pop-up flash. The DSLR-A200 camera’s supplied lithium ion battery offers up to 750 shots per full charge.

Sony Alpha A200

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Sony Alpha A200 Reviews

NeoCamera reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes: “Noise levels are extremely low on the Sony A200. From ISO 100 to 800, there is barely any noise to notice and only a slow degradation of image details due to noise reduction.…The bottom line is that the Sony Alpha A200 is positioned to satisfy new DSLR owners by giving them excellent image quality and speed in a simple to use model…it has a good feature set, including body-based image stabilization, dust-reduction and most features that are expected from a modern DSLR. ”

PhotographyBlog reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes: “The Sony A200’s first impressive feature in terms of image quality is the extensive and very usable ISO range of 100-3200. ISO 100-400 is noise-free, whilst ISO 800 and 1600 produce more than acceptable results, and the fastest speed of ISO 3200 is OK for emergency use…. If you have no investment in a DSLR system and you’re looking for an entry-level model, the Sony A200 is a real alternative to the likes of the Nikon D60, Canon EOS 450D and Olympus E-510. It may not be the most exciting camera on paper, with no Live View and "only" a 10 megapixel sensor, but in practice it’s an easy-to-use, solid proposition from which you can confidently upgrade in the future to a more feature-rich model.”

Steve’sDigicams reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes: “Noise levels were also good for a model in this class. Imager noise is very low at ISO speeds of 400 and below. At 800, you can start to see some speckling in the dark or low contrast areas of the image, when viewing them at 100% for critic inspection. However, they are still capable of producing very nice prints… The Sony Alpha 200/DSLR-A200 is a worthy competitor in the entry-level market, offering awesome image quality, robust performance, great ergonomics and loads of useful exposure options. One feature that stands out is the Super SteadyShot option.”

DCRP reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes: “The DSLR-A200’s performance was very good in most respects. The camera is ready to start taking photos as soon as you slide the power switch. Focusing speeds were excellent, with the only exception being in low light, where they were on the slow side of things (even with the flash-based AF-assist lamp). Shutter lag wasn’t a problem, and shot-to-shot delays were minimal… Overall, the A200’s photo quality was very good, but the difference between RAW and JPEG images is disconcerting. JPEG images are considerably softer than those taken in RAW format, with noticeable noise reduction artifacting starting at ISO 200 in low light, and ISO 800 in good light.”

ImagingResource reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes: “Sony has shipped a digital SLR that I find easy to recommend to anyone, a position previously held mainly by the Nikon D40/D40x and Canon Rebel XT/XTi. The Sony A200’s handsome, compact body fits well in most hands, and it is easy to learn and use on a daily basis… The Sony A200 delivers. It works very well, is easy to understand and use, and most importantly it produces great images.”

CNET reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes: ” The good: In-body image stabilization; supports wireless flash. The bad: Loud; Sony doesn’t have a stable of inexpensive lenses for consumers; oddly located, proprietary USB connector. The bottom line: The Sony Alpha DSLR-A200 is a solid entry-level dSLR that doesn’t really stand out in its very competitive field. ”

DigitalTrends reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes: “This entry-level D-SLR has a lot of things going for it: quick focusing, fast shutter speed, lots of tweaks for those who want them plus it captures good 10MP stills with accurate colors and nice contrast… Those moving up from a point-and-shoot will be happy with the A200—especially when they capture a winning goal or a terrific smile your old camera would’ve missed.”

TrustedReviews reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes: “..the A200 is a definite improvement over the A100. As with most DSLRs the A200 starts up in well under a second, and shuts down again almost instantly on power-off. The AF system is now much faster and more accurate, and is noticeably better at locking on quickly to low-contrast or poorly lit subjects… It ticks all the right boxes, with an attractive and easy-to-use design, brisk performance and good picture quality. Its feature set will leave advanced amateurs and semi-pros wanting more, but that’s pretty much the idea of an entry-level camera. For the price it offers a comprehensive package for the first-time user with very few problems.”

CameraLabs reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes: “In terms of actual improvements over its predecessor, the A200 has only a handful including a maximum sensitivity of 3200 ISO, quicker AF speed, a slightly bigger screen, support for an optional battery grip and the inclusion of an Info Lithium battery pack to deliver accurate feedback on remaining charge. The body and control layout has also been tweaked…especially with its superior high ISO performance, but with built-in stabilisation at a similar RRP, the Sony still looks strong. It’s also looking good against Nikon’s new entry-level D60..So as it stands, the A200 may be unremarkable, but remains a good, solid, entry-level 10 Megapixel DSLR we can easily recommend..” reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes: “Image noise was generally low at high ISO settings, even with the in-camera noise-reduction processing turned off. At ISO 3200, both pattern and colour noise could be discerned but we found no evidence of stuck pixels and the noise pattern was not overly intrusive. Shots taken at ISO 1600 were of printable quality…The DSLR-A200 represents excellent value for money and provides all the adjustable controls a keen photographer requires in a compact, affordable body. It also offers slightly better continuous shooting capabilities than its higher-resolution rival.”

LetsGoDigital reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes: “As far as ISO sensitivity is concerned you will achieve the best results with this sensor using ISO sensitivity up to ISO 800. Higher ISO than this will influence the image quality due to noise even with the improved noise reduction trying hard. The higher the ISO setting the more the quality drops. To prevent using high ISO you can activate the SuperSteady Shot mode.… The Sony Alpha 200 is a joy to work with and the camera performs really well. So if you can’t wait any longer and you want to get going shooting away, the choice for the Alpha 200 is an excellent one!”

DPExpert reviews the Sony Alpha A200 and writes: “The camera is compatible with Minolta auto-focus lenses which means there is some second-hand glass available. We tried an old Minolta lens with mixed results – sharpness was better but contrast was worse. Unlike Canon, who offer the 400D with a choice of lenses of different qualities and prices, Sony’s approach is to sell the a200 with the lenses in the box. We suspect a good camera compromised by cheap lenses.”

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