Olympus E3 Review

Olympus E3Lets Go Digital have reviewed the Olympus E3, a digital SLR camera featuring 10.1 megapixel Live MOS image sensor (with live preview), five frames per second shooting, 2.5 inch LCD (able to be tilted and swiveled), 11 point auto focus sensor and shutter speed range up to 1/8000.

They write: “The image quality the camera is offering is excellent, although not belonging to the top. At high ISO noise is visible and the dynamic range decreases fast. It requires correct exposure but the E-3 tends to overexpose somewhat. Colour reproduction is fine and so is the sharpness. All in all the Olympus E-3 impressed greatly. It is a very well thought-out camera with emphasis on the user. That doesn’t go for many other camera brands. I won’t be surprised to see many E-1 users making the step to the Olympus E-3 after having waited all this time. Just as potential buyers from competitive brands will probably start looking at the Olympus and get convinced. I am also curious as to how the Olympus E-3 will be received by the professional photographer. The Olympus E-3 is a real photo-beast, meant for the real stuff, very impressive!”.

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