Nikon D3 Review at DP Review

DP Review reviews the Nikon D3 DSLR which features a full frame ‘FX’ 12.1 megapixel CMOS image sensor, high speed continuous shooting at 9 fps at full resolution (up to 11 fps in DX crop mode), a staggering ISO range of 100 – 25,600, 51 point autofocus system, and a 3.0 inch high resolution LCD monitor with Live View.

They give the Nikon D3 a highly recommended rating and write: "anyone even close to considering a D3 will be more than capable of making an informed decision without a technical review such as this (in fact they’ve probably already bought one), but we can confirm that from an image quality and performance point of view the D3 raises the bar by a fair degree. For a sports camera it’s also a surprisingly good studio and landscape camera, and if there’s a better DSLR out there for photojournalists and red carpet paps we’ve yet to meet it. Image quality (especially at higher ISOs) is stunning, the camera a joy to use and the speed and responsiveness breathtaking. If there is an EOS-1Ds Mark III – bating ‘D3X’ coming this year it will have quite a job to do to better the D3; possibly the most compelling, capable and well-rounded professional digital SLR ever made.”

Nikon D3

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